Co-Curricular Short Courses, Block 1

   Co-Curricular Education
   Tue, September 21, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 12:20 pm
   Tue, September 28, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 12:20 pm
   Tue, October 5, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 12:20 pm
   Tue, October 19, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

Here are the undergraduate Co-Curricular Short Courses for the block of academic year. These five-week courses address a variety of topics having to do with personal, academic and professional development. Co-curricular credit will be offered.

First Year Mentoring Groups & Assemblies

Host: Division of Campus & Student Life
Location: Various Campus Locations
Presenters: Mentors and Others
Description: Over the next five weeks, new students will continue their New Student Orientation experience in mentoring groups and virtual assemblies. These appointments are required of all freshmen.

Sept. 7: New Student Mentoring Groups
Location: Outdoor locations outside Campus Center (to be announced by Mentors via email)

Sept. 21: New Student Assembly: College Students and Mental Health
Location: HPAC

Sept. 28: New Student Mentoring Groups
Location: TBA

Oct. 5: New Student Assembly: College Students and Career Development
Location: HPAC

Oct. 19: New Student Mentoring Groups
Location: TBA

Hispanic Heritage Month: Todos Uno

Host: Departments of History & Political Science and International Languages & Global Studies
Location: Buller Hall, Room 135
Presenter: Pedro Navia

Sept. 7: “Todos Uno: Language & Culture Barriers”

Sept. 21: “Todos Uno: Breaking Latino Stereotypes in our Communities”

Sept. 28: “Todos Uno: Building a Safe Financial Future”

Oct. 5: “Todos Uno: Mental Health in our Communities”

Oct. 19: “Todos Uno: Matriarchy and Women Oppression in Minority Communities”

Adulting: Part 1

Presenter: Kari Gibbs Prouty
Location: Student Life and Leadership Lab, Campus Center
Host: Undergraduate Leadership Program

Sept. 7: “What’s your major? How to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.”

Sept. 21: “What’s your calling? Where does God fit into the real world?”

Sept. 28: “What’s your number? Learning to say no in a world that demands yes.”

Oct. 5: “What’s your problem? Fighting anxiety and re-training your brain.”

Oct. 19: “What’s the point? Dealing with loss, depression, and discouragement.”

Eating to Perform

Host: Center for Faith Engagement
Location: Lima Classroom, Andreasen Center for Wellness
Description: Learn how to improve your diet for weight management, increased energy, better sleep, improved immunity, and more!

Sept. 7: “Your Nutritional Lifestyle”

Sept. 21: “Decoding Nutritional Information”

Sept. 28: “#800GramChallenge”

Oct. 5: “All About Protein”

Oct. 19: “How to Eat in a Cafeteria”

Religion Forum

Host: Department of Religion & Biblical Languages
Location: Buller Hall, Newbold Auditorium
Description: Join us for a variety of interesting presentations from week to week.

Sept. 7: TBA

Sept. 21: TBA

Sept. 28: TBA

Oct. 5: TBA

Oct. 19: TBA

Library Instruction

Host: James White Library
Location: Zoom
Address: Please refer to your Co-Curricular Update email for the Zoom address.

Sept. 7: “Finding Books in the Library’s Shelves”
Presenter: Marianne Kordas
Description: In the first half of this hands-on workshop, we will present how and why subject classification systems are developed and will teach how to use the one the library adopts (Library of Congress). The students will have a chance to actually search the library stacks in search of designated books in order to practice what they learned during the first half of the workshop. It should be a fun experience based on interaction and games. (Includes videos)

Sept. 21: “Defining your Research Topic Building a Mind Map”
Presenter: Silas Marques
Description: A manageable research project (or paper) starts with a manageable topic. This hands-on and interactive workshop will present a short video demonstrating why it is important to limit the topic of a paper and how to accomplish that. The students will have the opportunity to use an online mind-map to develop a relevant research topic.

Sept. 28: “Finding Books, Ebooks, Articles and More Using the Library’s Online Catalog”
Presenter: Margaret Adeogun
Description: The objective of this class is to show students tools ENCORE provides which assists users to effectively find materials and sources to write papers and do research. The students will learn how to limit their search by type of material, date, language, etc. The students will follow the class by doing an exercise.

Oct. 5: “Using Databases to Find Relevant and Scholarly Articles”
Presenter: Terry Robertson
Description: This hands-on workshop will show how users can decide which databases are relevant to their research and how to effectively use them to find relevant and scholarly articles. Participants will also learn how to use the many useful features and tools provided by the Databases to enhance their research capabilities, such as citations, search modes, create alert, thesaurus, and others.

Oct. 19: “Determining a Reliable Source using the Internet—What’s New?”
Presenter: Paulette Johnson
Description: The objective of this practical workshop is to demonstrate how the students can evaluate and determine the reliability of the sources found in the World Wide Web using the CAARP method and worksheet. They will analyze a document posted in the Internet using criteria such as currency, authority, accuracy, relevance and purpose.

CTC Presents

Host: Counseling & Testing Center
Location: Buller Hall 149

Sept. 7: TBA

Sept. 21: TBA

Sept. 28: TBA

Oct. 05: TBA

Oct. 19: TBA

Exploring Creation’s Designs: Chemistry & Faith

Host: Chemistry Department
Location: Halenz Hall 107
Lead Presenter: Ryan Hayes
Description: Ryan T. Hayes, professor of chemistry, will provide an inspirational and educational program to help you discover the chemical design of our planet. Using interactive chemistry demonstrations and stimulating presentations, you will see God’s hand at work in the everyday workings that power and provide for life.

Sept. 14: “The Wind’s Weight—Introduction to Chemical Design”
Sept. 21: “Too Much Oxygen is Bad”

Sept. 28: “Global Warming is Good”

Oct. 5: “Drink this Water, Not this.”

Oct. 19: “Light of the World”

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