Updates on Ongoing Steps to Keeping Andrews Safe

   Campus Announcements | Posted on September 17, 2021

Dear Andrews University family,

We wanted to share a couple of quick updates confirming important details about our journey together this new school year with the continued threat of the global COVID-19 pandemic and impact of the Delta variant:

  • As there is still a significant level of infection, hospitalization and community spread of COVID-19 in Berrien County, where our main campus is located, our masking guidelines indoors will remain in place through at least Oct. 31.
  • As a reminder, for those who have not been vaccinated, a monthly negative COVID-19 test is required for involvement in on-campus, in-person activities. The next COVID-19 test should be completed before the end of September and at the end of each month following. The University will also randomly screen for COVID-19 test results to confirm compliance with this guideline.You can find information on local COVID-19 testing options here.

We want to again thank each one of you for your care and significant commitment to keeping each other, and our community, as safe as possible as we together face and seek to effectively respond to the ongoing risks of this global pandemic.

God’s blessings to each one of you, and our Andrews University community, as this semester continues.


Andrea Luxton

Christon Arthur