Update on Accident that Affects Our Community

   Campus Announcements | Posted on September 21, 2021

Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know about a car accident that occurred near our campus last evening on the Sodus Parkway.

One of the vehicles involved in the accident was driven by one of our employees, Colter Slikkers, who was traveling with two students, his wife Leslie Rodriguez and Madelyn (Kelsey) LaCourt. Colter’s vehicle was struck last evening when another vehicle lost control in the rain, crossed the center lane and struck his vehicle while it was traveling eastbound.

Tragically, the driver of the vehicle that struck Colter’s vehicle was killed in the accident, as was a 13-year-old also in the vehicle. Another 8-year-old passenger survived the crash and has been hospitalized at Spectrum Health Lakeland.

Colter, Leslie and Madelyn were taken to Spectrum Health Lakeland to have their significant injuries treated. Colter was discharged last evening, and Leslie and Madelyn remain hospitalized to receive further treatment for their injuries.

The names of those in the other vehicle have not been released, and police are continuing their investigation of the accident.

Our fervent prayers surround our employee and our students who are now recovering from their injuries in this terrible accident.

Finally, and especially, our tear-filled prayers surround the family and friends of the two who lost their lives in this accident and the young boy who is still hospitalized. We cannot truly imagine the pain and sorrow those friends and family now face.

Thank you for your prayers, care and ongoing support for all who have been impacted by this devastating accident.

With care,

Frances Faehner
Vice President for Campus & Student Life