Horn Excellence in Research: Petr Činčala

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

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In 2013, Petr Činčala became director of the Institute of Church Ministry and joined the faculty of the Department of World Mission. In 2020, he also became the director of the Doctor of Missiology program and managing editor of the “Journal of Applied Christian Leadership.” Petr’s colleagues find him very creative, highly energized, always willing to help with peer-reviewed articles, publication projects, and doing more research.

Petr has a strong mission orientation, especially in postmodern studies. Prior to being called to the Seminary and due to his commitment to outreach, he began a choir for non-church members in the Czech Republic. He is still involved in planning, promoting, and implementing an annual family summer camp for non-Seventh-day Adventists in the Czech Republic.

Petr has successfully engaged in a vast amount of research as director of the Institute of Church Ministry. This institute serves the worldwide Adventist Church by preparing diverse projects, working on various questionnaires, and applying strong research methodology.

His impressive publication record includes authoring one book, co-authoring eight book chapters, numerous refereed journal articles and non-refereed professional journal/periodical articles, and he has read many scholarly/professional papers at various venues. In 2021, Petr co-edited the book “Qualitative Research for Practical Theology,” a tremendous research guide for our Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Missiology students.

Congratulations, Petr, on receiving this prestigious award!