30 Years of Service: Robert Zdor

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

The Department of Biology has benefited from Rob Zdor’s teaching ministry for 30 years. During his tenure, Rob has taught hundreds of students, developed many new courses, managed a long-standing research program focused on natural mechanisms of weed control, served on the editorial board of two journals, and most recently served as chair of the department. He has done so with rigor, creating an environment to challenge student thinking—but always with courtesy, respect and a commitment to follow Christ in everything that he does. Rob always has time to spend with a colleague or student, ready to provide support, assistance or simply a listening ear. Comments from current and past faculty shed light on his character and contributions:

“Rob is a consummate educator. He works hard to provide students with lessons of the highest clarity and containing the latest advances.”

“Rob reads widely and deeply. He’s always up on his field, but he also comes across papers that relate to my interests–and sends them to me! Thus, he helps me keep current, too.”

“A man of God constantly seeking to represent God well and speak well of Him. ALWAYS sharply focused on maximizing student learning.”

“Taking molecular genetics from Rob as an undergraduate brought biology into a unifying whole rather than the compartmentalized way in which the subject is normally taught. I saw the forest, not the trees.”

“He was to me a shining example of faithful devotion and commitment to the reason that Andrews University exists: Seek Knowledge. Affirm Faith. Change the World.”

The words of one of Rob’s colleagues sums up the biology department’s appreciation for Rob: “You have exemplified what it means to be a caring, thoughtful, and humble teacher. The love and passion you share in the classroom with students and more recently as chair with the faculty is a wonderful example to all of us. It is a great honor to have you as a mentor, colleague and friend.”

Rob, thank you for 30 years of service to the Department of Biology, the College of Arts & Sciences and to Andrews University.