25 Years of Service: Pedro Navia

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

Pedro Navia, professor of Spanish and Global Studies and chair of the Department of International Languages & Global Studies, comes originally from Chile but is truly a citizen of the world. He received undergraduate and master’s degrees in Spanish/romance languages and religion and completed his doctorate in Hispanic cultural studies from the State University of Puerto Rico.

Pedro never stops encouraging his students to reach out and explore beyond their own borders as well. He founded and sponsors Makarios, a ministry in which Andrews students visit and present Sabbath programs in Spanish-speaking churches—more than 200 presentations to date. Pedro has also planned and led mission trips to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico and introduced students to the wider world through study tours to destinations such as Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Spain and Italy. As one of his colleagues says, “Pedro Navia is entirely devoted to his students. He wants to see his people thrive and therefore he dedicates much of his time to his students, in and out of class: talking, advising, and encouraging them to pursue their goals.” For his commitment to his students in the classroom and beyond, Pedro has received the Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Award and the Bruce E. Lee Service Award.

A current student testifies to the impact Pedro has had: “Dr. Navia has dedicated his time here at Andrews not only to teaching students in the classroom but also acting as a mentor to provide us the tools to succeed as students, individuals, and representatives of our diverse communities. I can thank him for being the reason I will graduate with two degrees instead of one, for pushing me to take on leadership positions, for encouraging me to travel and fulfill my dreams. I know that I speak on behalf of all students who have ever sat in your office for advice when I say thank you for your dedication to our success.”

Pedro’s professional pursuits are also his personal passions: travel and culture and the arts, such as film and creative writing. He is also an avid fan of soccer—el fútbol, that is! Pedro is married to Elaine, and they have two children, Janine and Felipe.

Thank you, Pedro, for 25 years of service to Andrews University!