25 Years of Service: Thomas Lowing

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

Thomas Lowing recently retired after serving as a full-time faculty teaching architecture at Andrews University for 25 years.

Prior to teaching, Thomas participated in professional practice full-time for 15 years. After receiving his professional degree, he worked in Battle Creek, Michigan, as an intern architect, later becoming licensed as well as an associate at a firm in Kalamazoo, Michigan. During this time, he and his wife were raising three children.

In the early 1990s he connected with Andrews through the Southwest Michigan Chapter of the American Institute of Architects via an invitation to present the design principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act that had recently become part of federal civil rights legislation.

Then, in 1995, an experienced professional was needed to teach construction technology. He originally started teaching as an adjunct professor just two years after opening his own practice in the Kalamazoo area. He continued to consult in the profession and commute from Holland, Michigan, as an assistant professor in what was then the Division of Architecture, became an associate professor in the School of Architecture, and served as assistant dean of the College of Health & Human Services for a year and a half while the School of Architecture & Interior Design transitioned into its new home in the College of Health & Human Services.

Tom is remembered with appreciation and admiration as expressed in the following comments:

"Tom Lowing is a colleague, friend and mentor. He is a model Christian steeped in professionalism in all he does.  His influence at the School of Architecture, and Interior Design was profound. He is a most trustworthy individual and spiritual advisor to the students and faculty, alike. Give Professor Lowing a problem, and he gave you back uniquely logical solutions, that left you scratching your head and asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” (Mark Moreno, associate professor of architecture)

"Professor Tom Lowing exemplifies attributes of the ideal professor, someone who deeply cares about you and your well-being and will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re taken care of whilst also pushing you to be the best version of yourself academically and within leadership. Everytime I am asked to describe Professor Lowing, I always say, he's the kindest person I know and that is as true today as it was seven years ago when I was in Structures class." (Wandile Mthiyane, alumnus)

"Tom will be remembered for his steady professionalism and his faith commitment. Our students and faculty were blessed by his ongoing efforts to connect our school with the local profession and its professional associations. He was a dedicated servant-teacher and truly modeled humility in his discourse. He was wise in exercising his professional strengths and always supported the best interests of our students. So many are grateful for his dedication towards continued professional advisement after graduation. I am indebted to him for his patience with us—his students and colleagues—and continue to be inspired by his gentle and convicted spirit. Tom, you helped build up our school as a godly place of architectural education. Thank you." (Andrew von Maur, professor of architecture)

Congratulations, Tom, on 25 years of excellent service to Andrews University.