25 Years of Service: Kenneth Logan

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

“I have appreciated Ken’s commitment to excellence, including attention to the full picture down to the smallest detail. In Ken I have a supportive colleague and have appreciated his depth of experience as a collaborative musician. As a teacher I am always pleased to have his expertise and dependability as pianist as he accompanies and collaborates with my students. His playing gives the students a sense of security and adds a solidity to their performances.”

Ken has gained a reputation for his generosity with his time in helping students understand their assignments. As one former student (now a teacher as well) describes him, “I liked that I always felt challenged by his classes. After all, to be challenged and to grow academically is why I came to Andrews! But it was more than the quality of his classes. I was impressed by the way he took time for students. I remember how he stayed up till midnight with five of us who were working at the computers on a Music Tech assignment that was due the next day. It wasn’t a particularly difficult assignment, but all five of us had procrastinated and were running into things we didn’t know how to do. One of us asked him for help, and before we knew it, hours had passed, and he was still there helping us at midnight! It’s rare to find a professor who is willing to give that much of his time to help students. Whenever I asked him a question, he would take plenty of time to make sure I understood the answer completely.”

“Thank you, Ken, for your years of service to our campus at Pioneer Memorial Church and the Department of Music. From the annual celebration of Feast of Hymns to your steady shepherding of musical and textual integrity, your leadership is felt in our PMC community here locally, but also around the world via our various broadcasts. Thank you for continuing to guide and mentor future organists, helping to secure these talents for next generations of church leadership. Both at Pioneer Memorial Church and the Howard Performing Arts Center our community is grateful for your steady creative output of new compositions, including as a performer at the keyboard. Thank you for all that you do.”

Congratulations, Ken, on 25 years of stellar service at Andrews University and the broader community.