25 Years of Service: Rod Church

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 5, 2022

Rod Church is celebrating 25 years of service to Andrews University. It is important to slow down and take notice of this achievement as it only comes by once for some of us. He has joined the ranks of the elite “service to Andrews members club.” Welcome!

For as long as I have known Rod, he has been the manager of Lithotech. For several years I would stop at Lithotech on personal business and when Rod waited on me he was so friendly, courteous and helpful. He always made sure that the product I was picking up was the correct one and gave great information on possible substitutes to think about. His staff were watching him, and they have treated me in a similar manner.

As I transitioned into my current position and worked more closely with Rod, he has been great to work with through the budget process and reviewing monthly financials. He keeps me informed of large new jobs that are coming to Lithotech as well as their equipment needs. There are times that we would meet by happenstance in front of a local restaurant and have impromptu meetings about what is the latest news for Lithotech.

Rod is a man of many talents. Just recently I discovered that he is part of a music group. His musical group happened to be at a local church and performed a couple of wonderful songs for the congregation. It turns out he is part of a very musical family. It is very interesting the things we discover, even after we have known someone for a while! What other talents lay hidden that we are not aware of yet? I plan to look more closely at those around me to find these hidden gems, so thank you Rod for being a great example for all of us!

As you continue in your service to Andrews University, it is my hope that you continue to achieve the goals that you are striving for. Thank you for your leadership in your area. Congratulations!