Horn Excellence in Research: Oliver Glanz

   Employee Awards 2023 | Posted on March 5, 2023

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Oliver Glanz graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Bogenhofen Seminary, Austria, in 2003. He then went on to earn two master’s degrees, one in theology and another in philosophy, and a PhD in theology from the Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is one of only two doctoral students to earn the distinction of summa cum laude in the long career of his main professor, Eep Talstra.

In 2014, Oliver was called to join the Old Testament department faculty at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. In 2022, he was appointed full professor of Old Testament.

Oliver’s connections with top European researchers bring a unique asset to our Old Testament department. He has also collaborated with a computer science faculty member at Andrews to develop a cutting-edge Hebrew pedagogy program that can impact not only our Hebrew teaching at Andrews University, but Hebrew language instruction worldwide.

He authored the commentary on the books of Jeremiah and Lamentation as part of the Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary series. He has written 11 chapters for various academic books, 20 academic and professional articles, 13 book reviews, 44 electronic academic articles, and read 83 papers at various meetings in at least three different continents.

Oliver is known for his outstanding contributions to student learning and his enthusiasm for his field. He encourages and mentors his students daily, which is reflected in their appreciation for him.

Congratulations, Oliver, on receiving this prestigious award for your contributions to scholarly biblical studies and tireless commitment to Andrews University.