Ukrainian Thank You Tour to Visit the Howard

   Agenda | Posted on June 13, 2024

The Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University will host a concert by Ukrainian artists on Monday, June 17, at 7 p.m. The concert is part of a 40-day U.S. tour that five Ukrainian professional musicians turned active-duty soldiers have led since May. They will be joined by local guest artists for the program.

Musician and producer Mykolai Sierga; vocalist Yurii Ivaskevych; composer and pianist Mykhailo Oliinyk; bandura player Taras Stoliar; and violinist and conductor Olha Rukavishnikova make up the team of Ukrainian performers. They are presenting Ukrainian culture to various universities and religious communities across the country. As cultural ambassadors, they aim to cultivate awareness and support for Ukraine’s quest for peace.

The musical program will include an assortment of Ukrainian folk songs and selections in addition to a few covers of songs that are popular in the United States. Carla Trynchuk, professor of music at Andrews University, will be one of the local performers included in the program. In addition, Charles Reid, associate professor of music at Andrews, and Andrew Fisher, the lead vocalist of “The Andrew Fisher Quartet,” will perform with one of the Ukrainian musicians in a three-tenor song.

Admission will be free for all guests, and there will be a free-will collection at the concert, which will help contribute to the relief of Ukrainian soldiers. Trynchuk states, “Because [the Russo-Ukrainian War] has been going on for so long, people tend to forget [about it].” She and all those involved with the program hope to bring continued awareness of Ukraine’s needs to the Andrews community through this event.