\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 9 a.m. service where Pastor Dwight K. Nelson will be speak ing. His message is entitled "\;King of Hearts: Can You Feel the Love? "\;

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\n Join PMC for a wide variety of Bible study options for al l ages.

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\n #FreedomCulture

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 11:45 a.m. service where Pastor \;Dwight K. Nelson wil l be speaking. His message is entitled "\;King of Hearts: Can You Feel the Love?"\;

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\n Did you know there is a Natural History Museum in the Sci ence Complex? Or a rooftop greenhouse above the busy classrooms\, labs and offices of Price Hall? Take advantage of this free opportunity to visit t hese places on the campus of Andrews University. Both are located in Price Hall. \;The museum is located on the first floor. At the center of th e collection is the Prillwitz Mammoth\, the most complete wooly mammoth sk eleton unearthed in Michigan. \; More specimens are waiting to be disc overed in the drawers. \;(Please ask for assistance first.) \;The greenhouse is coming out of winter hibernation and features a Desert Room\ , Waterfall Room and Dry Tropics Room. \;Take the stairwell between Pr ice and Haughey Hall to the top. Come see some of God's handiwork\, past a nd present. Kids\, come enjoy a "\;treasure hunt"\; as you find hi dden creatures!

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\n The Justice Lab


\n Presenters: Ante Jeroncic\, Da nielle Barnard: "\;The Walls We Should Build"\;

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\n Featuring Ezekiel Azonwu

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\n Reggie and Ladye Love Smith are two of the most sought-af ter voices in Nashville. They have been a part of the Gaither Homecoming f amily for over a decade\, first as back-up singers in Nashville and later as a vocal duet featured on countless Homecoming concerts\, tapings and re cordings. \; Reggie is also a member of the Grammy winning Gaither Voc al Band. Their versatile voices and broad range of influences lend themsel ves to a variety of styles\, from country to big band to contemporary wors hip. With smooth\, soulful vocals and impeccable musicianship\, their comm unication beautifully reflects what is true of them both on and off stage& hellip\;authenticity.


\n Don't miss Reggie &\; Ladye Love Smith &mdash\;coming to Andrews University on February 24.

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\n "\;The Fire Within"\; - James Baldwin


\n "\;Between the World and Me"\; - Ta-Nehisi Coates

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