\n Join the Andrews University Symphony Orchestra\, led by g uest \;conductor Andrew Koehler\, for a beautiful eve ning of international \;music inspired by and infused with the Christm as spirit.  \;Featuring works by Rimsky-Korsakov\, Delius\, Bizet\, Si belius\, and Mozart\, among many others\, the program will also feature ra rely-heard gems from the traditional \;Christmas music of Ukraine as w ell as \;several \;special guest artists. Carla Trynchuk will be s oloist in the finale of Tchaikovsky's dazzling violin concerto\; the Chica go-based Bandura ( a traditional Ukrainian folk instrument) ensemble \ ;"\;Char-Zillia"\; will share their traditions\; \;and the&nbs p\;orchestra will be joined by the Andrews University Singers with their m usic director \;Stephen Zork for both Ukrainian and American carols.&n bsp\;


\n Andrew Koehler is currently the music di rector of the Kalamazoo Philharmonia\, which he leads as part of his posit ion as an associate professor of music at Kalamazoo College. \; His in novative and thoughtful programming there was honored with the 2014 Americ an Prize Vytautas Marijosius Memorial Award in Orchestral Programming.&nbs p\; He also holds concurrent posts as music director of the Kalamazoo Juni or Symphony Orchestra\, and as the cover conductor and frequent guest cond uctor of the West Michigan Symphony Orchestra. \; He is an active gues t conductor at home and internationally. \; Born in Philadelphia to Uk rainian parents\, Andrew began his musical studies on the violin at the ag e of five. \; He is a graduate of Yale College\, where he completed a B.A. in Music and German Studies - graduating with honors and distinction in both majors. \; We welcome him to our stage.


\n Learn more about the Chicago based Bandura "\;Char-Zillia"\; at .


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\n Join \;Attorney Katie Steffes as she explains ways yo u can be proactive \;now to avoid leaving your famiy with a mess later on! This \;seminar on estate planning will be held in the Lincoln Roo m of Dining Services \;on December 6\, 2016 from 12:30 - 1:30. \;& nbsp\; A light lunch will be \;provided for you and an RSVP (#3510 or would be nice so w e can estimate the amount of food we will need. \;  \; \;  \; \;

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\n One Place exists to provide a space for freedom through w orship\, expression in creativity\, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus with an open mind through this community of beli evers.

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