\n Summer is the best time to come and visit Andrews Univers ity. Spend the day connecting with many different areas on campus. Visit a cademic departments\, register for classes\, meet with Student Financial S ervices\, talk with an enrollment counselor\, see our residence halls and& nbsp\;enjoy eating in our Dining Services.


\n At the \;end of the day \;join us for a BBQ meal at the beach in St. Joseph\, Michigan . \;We'll have fun playing volleyball and enjoying a picnic dinner\, t hen ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop.


\n We hope you'll be able to join us!

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\n You are invited to join us for Staff Worship\, Thursday\, June 28\, at 8:15 a.m. in the Seminary Chapel. The worship talk is titled "\;At the Heart of the Lion."\; The speaker will be Heather Day\, assistant professor of communication in the Department of Visual Art\, Co mmunication &\; Design. Heather \;is a published author\, lively sp eaker\, and devoted wife and mother.  \;


\n We look forward to seeing you for a time of inspiration and fellowship (hourly employees may stay clocked in during this time).

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\n Last day to change from credit to audit for Summer Sessio n 2 classes or withdraw from a class with a W

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\n No classes meet on the main campus\, and all offices are closed.

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\n The TESOL Certificate Program is an intensive workshop co vering the basic language concepts and methods in teaching English to spea kers of other languages. It is designed both for individuals who have had some experience and/or training AND for those who have had no such trainin g. The workshop is six hours a day\, five days a week\, for four weeks. In dividuals who want to earn the certificate need to attend the entire sessi on and fulfill the requirements for all classes which include:


\n Non-credit and credit payment options.

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\n Late registration fee in effect for Summer Session 3 firs t-time registrations

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\n Last day to complete the following by 5 p.m.

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