\n Come take a look and decide if Andrews if right for you! We've found that one of the most effective ways to discover if a school is a good fit for you\, is to experience a campus visit.

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\n Are you a benefit eligible employee of Andrews that has n ever been to New Employee Orientation? If so\, we want to see you there!\n

\n  \;Please call or email Brenda - 269-471-3327 or training@an to reserve a seat.  \;Lunch will be included!

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\n Please join us as we start the 2nd Health and Wellness Fe st! Come see the various vendors on offering you valuable information on t he floor of the Campus Center lobby. Event starts at 10a.m.

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\n DOCTORAL DEFENSE: Wednesday\, March 29\, 2017 from 12:30 p. m. &ndash\; 2:30 p.m. in Geraty Conference Room\, in the Bell Hall\, De siree Davis will defend her dissertation in partial fulfillment for the Ph D degree in Educational Psychology. Desiree Davis&rsquo\;s dissertation ti tle is\, &ldquo\;The Coping Strategies of Nontraditional Female Students i n Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana.&rdquo\; If you wish to attend\, you must make your request by e-mailing: Space is l imited therefore\; the attendance will be strictly on the first come first serve basis. Students who cannot participate in person\, may request to v iew the defense online using Zoom.

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\n Free Chair massage! Come get your sample of our massage c hair as a part of our 2nd Health and Wellness Fest. 10-minute massage\, pe rfect to relax\, rest and rejuvinate your body. Massage is accompanied by aromatherapy in a very cosy setting and a relaxing atmosphere. \;

\ n

\n Must sign up at the wellness lounge. Sign up sheet will be availabl e March 13\, 2017 at 9am. \;


\n  \;

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\n Join us for the weekly 5K walk\, specially featured this week\, as Aimee Regoso leads out for an invigorating walk outside. \;< /p>\n

\n Weekly 5K walks are open to anyone who is interested in getting some fresh air\, get to know other fellow walkers\, get healthier and hap pier every week. \;

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\n A FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARY (including refreshments &\; hea lth expert Q &\; A panel)


\n Eating You Alive takes a s cientific look at the reasons we&rsquo\;re so sick\, who&rsquo\;s responsi ble for feeding us the wrong information and how we can use whole-food\, p lant- based nutrition to take control of our health&mdash\;one bite at a t ime. Featuring leading physicians\, researchers\, nutritionists\, and othe r health experts from across the U.S.


\n Trailer:




\n Students: FREE


\n Staff an d Faculty: FREE


\ n Community: FREE


\n Check in with your reservation at the door.


\n Light refreshments wi ll be served.

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\n On March 30th\, 2017 the Teaching\, Lear ning\, and Curriculum Department at Andrews University will host its 15th annual conference. This year&rsquo\;s conference theme is \ ;Woolly Teaching or Wholly Teaching? Interrogating the Tried\, the Tir ed\, and the True. \;The keynote speaker is Maria Salazar.


\n The AU TLC invites proposals for papers\, posters\, and best practice demonstrati ons from university faculty\, PreK-12 teachers\, graduate and undergraduat e students\, and other education professionals.


\n On-site or onli ne presentations of scholarly work will allow educators to share reports o f significant work or integrative reviews in theory\, research\, developme nt\, applications\, and societal issues related to all aspects of educatio n. Best Practices session presenters will discuss and demonstrate strategi es\, techniques\, or solutions to common issues in education. This will be an opportunity to inform attendees about the lessons learned and future p lans from those who have designed\, developed\, and implemented education in effective and/or innovative ways. Individuals and groups can submit pro posals. \; During the submission process\, participants will have the opportunity to select their desired length of presentations\, which will b e 25 or 50 minutes.


\n To register for the conference\, pl ease visit the event webpage on Digital Commons.

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\n Join us for this special chapel during the 2nd Health and Wellness Fest on our campus. \;

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