Deeper Roots Bible Study

   Agenda | Posted on April 4, 2024
   Event Date: April 16, 2024 07:30 pm  - more past dates
Come join us for an amazing Holy Spirit-led and prayer-saturated Bible study. Journey with us as we commune with God in scripture. This is a Christ-centered study geared toward learning how to cultivate intimacy in our relationship with... read more

Kinetic Worship

   AUGSA | Posted on April 4, 2024
   Event Date: April 18, 2024 07:30 pm  - more past dates
This Spring 2024 semester, the theme for Kinetic Worship is “Jesus is _____.” We are going to dive into Jesus’ “I am” statements and explore Him as King, High Priest, Messiah, etc. Ultimately, we want to understand more... read more

Always on Time

   AUGSA | Posted on February 11, 2024
   Event Date: February 18, 2024 06:00 pm

Join the Andrews University Graduate Student Association for warm drinks, bonding activities, free snacks and new friendships!

AUGSA Town Hall Meeting

   AUGSA | Posted on February 8, 2024
   Event Date: February 12, 2024 06:00 pm

Graduate students, join the AUGSA for a town hall meeting on Monday, Feb. 12.

Kinetic Worship

   Campus Announcements | Posted on September 28, 2023
   Event Date: November 30, 2023 07:30 pm  - more past dates
Theme: Identity in Christ Find community as you enjoy God's presence, amazing music and delicious food at Kinetic Worship every Thursday night at the University Towers Auditorium from 7:30–8:30 p.m.! Cocurricular credit offered! ... read more

AUGSA Graduate Student Brunch

   Campus Announcements | Posted on August 24, 2023
   Event Date: September 17, 2023 10:30 am

My (Last) Last Word

   Student Movement: The Last Word | Posted on March 24, 2022
04.13.2021 We’re close. Close to finishing another scholastic year, close to being globally healthy, and maybe close to giving ourselves grace for not always being at our best. It’s been a tremendous battle, as... read more

Biden’s Jobs Plan

   Student Movement: Ideas | Posted on March 24, 2022
04.13.2021 I was recently listening to a podcast that brought up an interesting statistic. When the Baby Boomer generation first began to enter the American workforce in 1962, entitlement programs to assist aging populations (which... read more