Andrews in the News

COVID-19 Cases at U.S. Colleges and Universities

   Andrews in the News | Posted on September 3, 2020
As colleges start the academic year amid a pandemic, coronavirus cases are turning up by the thousands. A New York Times survey of more than 1,500 American colleges and universities — including every four-year... read more

In-Person Worship During a Pandemic

   Andrews in the News | Posted on September 3, 2020
Andrews University has a rich, vibrant, and diverse worship culture. This is largely due to the diversity of generations, ethnicities, and cultures, and is even affected by pockets of communities coming from various areas of North America. We... read more

Andrews University to Host "Origins" Lecture

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 27, 2020
On September 3, 2020, the Andrews University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will host an online lecture by James M. Tour on the origins of life, a topic that has generated significant controversy in the field of prebiotic... read more

Engaging Design Classes for Kids and Teens

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 27, 2020
Soccer practice, dance team, and music lessons―there's a wealth of activities to peak your child's interest and keep them entertained. However, when it comes to subjects like interior design or architecture, it's often harder to find after-school programs... read more

ABC57 Investigates: The Mask Experiment

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 27, 2020
It has been nearly half a year since Michiana received its first case of coronavirus and it seems like each week we are introduced to a new set of rules to keep everyone safe—from handwashing to social distancing... read more

Educating for Today's Challenges

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 27, 2020
The conversation about systemic racism and the violence seen on television and Internet news feeds has created a climate in which frank discussions about race are not only desirable, but essential. In recent years, Adventist universities have implemented... read more

Learning Leaders and Gownless Graduations

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 13, 2020
For centuries, graduation services have involved flowing black robes, tasselled mortarboards, processions, and diplomas. But not this year…On Sunday, May 3rd and Sunday, August 2nd, the students who had completed the Trans-European Division (TED) MA Leadership programme graduated... read more

Eviction Diversion Funds Available to Aid Renters

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 6, 2020
Help is available for some tenants who fell behind paying their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Michigan’s COVID-19 Eviction Diversion and Rental Assistance Program is available in Berrien County through Emergency Shelter Services,... read more