International Student Services & Programs

IMPORTANT: I-20 Instructions, Response Required

   Campus Announcements | Posted on January 15, 2021
Dear international students, This message is for new Andrews University international students studying on campus or remotely in spring 2021 and international students who are not new but received an initial I-20 for spring... read more

New Intl Travel COVID-19 Test Requirement

   Campus Announcements | Posted on January 13, 2021
Dear international students, I hope that you are off to a great start to the new semester! Most of you who plan to study on campus this semester are already... read more

Jan. 10 Registration: Intl Students Contact Info

   Campus Announcements | Posted on January 6, 2021
Greetings, international students! I wanted to remind you that registration day for spring semester 2021 at Andrews University is this Sunday, Jan. 10. If you need to speak to someone in the Office of... read more

Remote and New Spring 2021 International Students

   Campus Announcements | Posted on January 4, 2021
Dear international students, Welcome to spring semester 2021! We look forward to seeing those of you traveling to the Berrien Springs campus in person and to seeing our remote students... read more

Student Health Insurance Requirement

   Campus Announcements | Posted on December 22, 2020
Dear international students, As we welcome Christmas and the New Year, I know many of you are still in the process of making plans for spring 2021. I am writing to remind you that... read more

Information about Spring 2021 Registration

   Campus Announcements | Posted on December 2, 2020
Greetings, international students! As we enter the last month of this very challenging year, I hope and pray you are doing well! I am writing with a response to a... read more

Intl Students: Will you be on campus 12/11-1/11?

   COVID-19 Updates | Posted on November 19, 2020
Greetings, international students! I am thinking of you as the semester winds down in the midst of a particularly challenging time. Please remember that God is always with us, and He will see us... read more

Spring 2021 Information for International Students

   Campus Announcements | Posted on November 9, 2020
Greetings, international students! I pray that you are doing well wherever you are in the world! Many of you are on campus right now, others are away from campus studying... read more