School of Distance Education and International Partnerships

Former Griggs University President Passes Away

   Andrews in the News | Posted on August 23, 2016
Joseph Gurubatham, a former president of [former] Griggs University[, now part of Andrews University's School of Distance Education & International Partnerships,] and vice president of academic affairs for Washington Adventist University, has died at the age of 74.... read more

Alumnus Wins "Nobel Prize for Blindness"

   Campus News | Posted on July 25, 2016
Andrews University Alumnus Ray McAllister became the first Adventist to win the prestigious Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award at the ninth annual awards event during the 2016 convention in early July. The award comes from the National Federation of... read more

DLiT Reorganization Effective July 5

   School of Distance Education and International Partnerships | Posted on June 29, 2016
In an effort to increase support for online education at Andrews University, we are reorganizing the DLiT Department effective July 5. This reorganization will allow us to offer additional services and support for online courses. ... read more

Required Biochem Class Live-Streamed this Summer

   Campus News | Posted on June 16, 2016
From May 9 to June 3, 2016, Andrews University collaborated with Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, to allow Union students to remotely attend a biochemistry course offered on Andrews’ campus. The course, Biochemistry I, taught students about molecules... read more

Andrews University Joins SARA

| Posted on June 2, 2016
The School of Distance Education and International Partnerships is pleased to announce that Andrews University has been approved by the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to participate in the National Council for State... read more

Distance Education Website Redesigned

   Campus Announcements | Posted on April 19, 2016
The services provided through the School of Distance Education and International Partnerships have expanded since Griggs University & Griggs International Academy merged with Andrews University in 2011.  The initial website lacked structure to best reflect this web of... read more

Andrews Bookstore Online

   Bookstore | Posted on April 1, 2016
For the past three years, Andrews University has appreciated the services of MBS Direct as the online bookstore.  During this period, the main campus bookstore has transitioned to services in partnership with Barnes & Noble College.   ... read more

Adventists Express Love for People of Pakistan

   Andrews in the News | Posted on March 30, 2016
Janine Lim, associate dean for online higher education at Andrews University, spoke to the Adventist Review for a story about the tragedy in Pakistan on Easter Sunday. As a child, Lim lived within a few miles of the... read more