World Mission

IFAMS Annual Mission Conference (Oct. 2-3)

   World Mission | Posted on September 24, 2020
   Event Date: October 3, 2020 10:00 am  - more past dates
Register today: “Seek the Shalom of the City” will be the theme for our Annual Mission Conference on Oct. 2–3, 2020. Gary Krause, director of the General Conference Office of Adventist Mission, will be... read more

IFAMS Missions Conference

   World Mission | Posted on September 10, 2019
   Event Date: September 14, 2019 10:00 am  - more past dates
What is the nature of the human being? Where did we originate? What happens at death? What is our destiny? The Adventist answers to these questions are at the very core of the worldview... read more

Mission, Refugees & Immigrants Conference

   World Mission | Posted on August 31, 2017
   Event Date: September 13, 2017 07:00 pm
This mission conference brings together a wide range of people engaged in ministry among refugees and immigrants. Check NADEI.ORG for details and PLUSLINE.ORG to register. Free registration with AU ID. Wednesday night in Seminary Chapel, Thursday PMC Youth... read more

Discipleship in Context

   World Mission | Posted on September 1, 2016
   Event Date: September 17, 2016 09:15 am  - more past dates
The annual International Fellowship of Adventist Mission Studies conference is on Discipleship in Context this year. It will take place from September 15-17 and will include over 20 presenters on a wide range of discipleship related topics. There... read more