Holly Shaffer, DVM

Holly  Shaffer, DVM

Holly Shaffer, DVM

Title: Adjuct Professor of Animal Science


BS Michigan State University

DVM Michigan State University


Dr. Holly Shaffer grew up in the Mid-west with pets always around.  Her career choice was made when as a young girl she and her mother took their very sick cat to a vet and he was able to provide the animal relief from its suffering.  She was so impressed by this that she determined to become a veterinarian herself.  She graduated from the veterinary college at Michigan State University.  She joined the mixed-animal practice of Dr. Phil Hecht here in Berrien Springs, and then in 2010 she bought the practice,  hospital, clinic, and all, from him when he retired.  She renamed it “Two by Two Animal Hospital” to illustrate that animals were so well cared for there that they would want to come there on their own – just like those who went into Noah’s Ark.

At her home Dr. Shaffer has a collection of animals that range from hens and peafowl to sheep, goats, llamas and a Jersey steer.  She also has a diverse pack of friendly dogs and a couple a scared cats!  She teaches the classes Small Animal Health & Disease, as well as Equine Health & Disease.