Letter Of Recommendation

It is our priviledge to provide a letter of recommendation upon request for those who demonstrate a good work ethic, whether it is in class or for our office. Before approaching us, follow the steps indicated below and make sure you provide us with the necessary information.

  1. Email request to cidp@andrews.edu with steps 2 and 3 included in the email.
  2.  Provide a brief summery (not just a link) describing what scholarship or job you are applying for.
  3. What do you want us to include about you in relation to the application. Provide academic skills past experiences that can apply to your application.
  4. If we do not have much experience with you and we find it neccessary, please have professors and/or employers email us comments that we can add to this letter.
  5. SCHEDULE an appointment with us (10-15 minutes) that will be a minimum of 2 weeks before application deadline to discuss the recommendation. We need this much time to create a great letter for you.


  • It is our right to accept or decline your request.
  • We cannot guarantee a good letter of recommendation if you do not follow these instructions.