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Joel Raveloharimisy provides degree plan advise to help you plan your course selections. The schedule below shows when you should meet for advising appointments to discuss your plan for the upcoming semester.

  • Fall Semester:  meet February 15‒28  or  May 15‒30 (for new students)
  • Spring Semester:  meet Oct. 15‒30
  • Summer Semester:  meet February 15‒28

Marlena Maier can help answer general questions about our program, study tour, graduate assistantships, field practicum requirements and forms, or requesting a letter of recommendation.

One of our MSCID alumni, Palmero, secured a grant supporting food security in Indianapolis. Read more about it in the Andrews Agenda article.

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Today, the work of community developers is even more vital than in the past. The Community & International Development Program prepares students for management, leadership and supervisory roles domestically and abroad in non-profit organizations. Students gain competencies in development, needs assessment, grant writing, project evaluation, management, research, emergency response and a chosen specialty area. This program also requires a field practicum internship.

Students typically complete the program in one to two years, have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research projects for publication, and more...

Take a minimum of 8 credits per semester and keep a minimum of 3.00 GPA so you get 50% discount on your MSCID tuition!

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If you are not ready to start your Master degree, but are interested in starting at an undergraduate level, click below to learn more about our Bachelor degree and minor.

Community Involvement Projects

Learn more about our community involvement and the results of a fundraising strategy our MSCID students formulated by utilizing budgeting, grantsmanship, and fundraising principles. This strategy is now used to raise funds to support the church members in the southern region of Madagascar who are experiencing famine due to drought.

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The Field Practicum is the concluding requirement for the concentration.

Cunducting a research is part of the requirements to complete the MSCID degree.

The Community and International Development program will be traveling to ....... in 2024! Stay tuned!

Here you will find information on humanitarian career posibilities, a list of some employers, and other career readiness resources.

We are committed to support your academic progress at Andrews University and your journey from academics to career.

Graduate Assistantship positions are available to full-time graduate students. Looking for students who are positive, communicative, proactive, enthusiastic and do their best.

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