Stacie Hatfield

Stacie Hatfield

Stacie Hatfield

Title: Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Program Director, Behavioral Sciences

Office Location: Buller Hall 222
Phone: (269) 471-3293


  • Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Kentucky
  • M.A. Anthropology, University of Kentucky
  • Graduate Certificate in Gender & Women's Studies, University of Kentucky
  • B.A. Anthropology, Fort Lewis College
  • B.S. Nursing, Union College


Stacie Hatfield is a cultural anthropologist focusing on intersections of race and gender in the United States and on intersections of gender, archaeology, and conservation in Jordan. Drawing from a four-field approach to anthropological inquiry, she engages cultural, archaeological, linguistic, and biological scholarship to better understand human beings as wondrously diverse social creatures whose interconnectedness reflects God's image in us. Her key objective as an instructor is to invite students into anthropological theory and practice in ways that engage their minds and broaden their worldviews. Through her classes students develop the ability to critically examine the contexts that shape diverse human experiences while fostering a sense of wonder for the many social worlds we live in and among.

Current Research or Professional Activities

Research Interests

Race, Gender, Care, Belonging, Spirituality, activism, archaeology, and conservation


  • Hatfield, S. (2022), "You're already Black...": Racially-informed Care and Intersections of Gender for LGBTQ African American Children and Youth in Birmingham, Alabama. NEOS, 14(1).
  • Hatfield, S. (2020), Cultural Citizenship and Intersections of Race and Gender for LGBTQ African American Children and Youth. 2020 Conference Research Briefs. Adventist Human Subjects Research Association, Berrien Springs, MI, p. 15-19.

Conference Presentations

  • "'Homines Curans' and the Common Good: Rethinking Political, Economic, and Spiritual Approaches to Human Social Life." Society of Adventist Philosophers Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas. (November 2021)
  • "Laodicea and the American Dream: Wealth, Poverty, and Christianity in the United States." Adventist Theological Society Annual Conference. San Antonio, Texas. (November 2021)
  • “Church, Churches, and Being Gay: Finding Belonging for African American LGBTQ Individuals of Faith”. Andrews Research Conference. Berrien Springs, Michigan. (2019)
  • “Don’t Yuck My Yum”: Stigma, STI Education, and LGBTQ Space in a Birmingham Middle School”. American Anthropological Association – Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group Biennial Meeting. Camden, New Jersey. (2019)
  • “Locating African American LGBTQ Youth: Citizenship and Belonging in Birmingham Alabama”. American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings. San Jose, California. (2018)
  • “Social Belonging and Cultural Citizenship for African American LGBTQ youth in Birmingham Alabama: A Dialectical Approach to Methodology”. Andrew’s Research Conference. Berrien Springs, Michigan.
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