Community & International Development

Community development workers perform a wide array of tasks that enable communities at the local or international level to change and improve various aspects in the lives of their residents. They work in different settings such as inner city agencies, service-learning organizations, community service organizations, community advocacy groups, etc. Additionally community development workers could work overseas in international relief and development agencies as well as for church-based mission programs.

Program Type: Bachelors Degree
Program Length: 124 Credits
Format: On-Campus
Program Entry: August or January
Entry Deadline for August: July 15
Entry Deadline for January: November 15
COST (per semester)*

Tuition: $14,904
Residence Hall: $2,520
Meal Plan: $1,850
General Fees: $600
Textbooks: $500
* Most students receive scholarships and financial assistance. For more information go to: Finances
To complete a degree at Andrews University, students must complete both the Major Requirements and the Andrews Core Experience Requirements. Some students may elect to apply for the J.N. Andrews Honors Program which replaces the Andrews Core Experience Requirements. For more information see Honors

SOCI119 Principles of Sociology
SOCI474 Social Thought & Theory
BHSC225 Global Social Issues
PSYC450 Social Psychology
SOCI432 Research Methods II

SOCI350 Social Policy
SOCI408 Emergency Preparedness
SOCI421 Development Theory & Practice
SOCI433 Research Methods III
SOCI434 Research Methods IV
SOCI497 Internship
BSAD355 Principles of Management
PSYC468 Community Psychology
CIDP Madagascar Study Tour

MAJOR: ELECTIVES - 9 credits
Choose 9 credits from the following
ECON225 Principles of Macroeconomics
SOCI315 Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOCI345 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI366 Drugs & Behavior
SOCI410 Social Gerontology
SOCI420 Medical Sociology
SOCI425 Racial & Ethnic Relations
SOCI430 Gender Roles in Contemporary Society
SOCI440 Sociology of the Family
SOCI460 Death & Grief in Contemporary Society
SOCI470 Demography

COGNATE - 6 credits
BHSC230 Research Methods I

Choose one of the following:
ANTH200 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH124 Introduction to Anthropology

Official requirements can be found here.
To download a degree plan, click here.

COMM104 Communication Skills
Choose a MATH Course (First Year)
3 Religion courses of choice
HLED135 Wellbeing 360° (First Year)
HIST110 Worldviews, Cultures, & Gods
ENGL215 College Writing II

Choose one of the following (First Year):
RELT100 God & Human Life
RELB210 Jesus in His Time & Ours

Choose one of the following (First Year):
ENGL115 College Writing I
ENGL117 College Writing I: Writing Across Cultures

Choose one of the following:
ART220 Language of Art
ENGL255 Studies in Literature
MUHL214 Enjoyment of Music
MUHL250 Music to Change the world
PHIL224 Intro to Philosophy

Choose one of the following:
INEN221 Intro to Innovation & Entrepreneurship
A Studio Art Course
An Ensemble or Applied music Course
A second course from the list above (ART220, ENGL255, MUHL214, MUHL250, PHIL224)

Choose one of the following
BIOL100 Human Biology
BIOL110 Principles of Biology
CHEM100 Consumer Chemistry
PHYS110 Astronomy

Choose one of the following
ANTH200 Cultural Anthropology
BHSC225 Global Social Issues
ECON208 Principles of Economics
GBST101 Intro to Global Studies
PLSC104 American Government
PSYC101 Intro to Psychology
SOCI119 Principles of Sociology

Official requirements can be found here.

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