Criminal Justice

COST (per semester)*

Tuition: $14,904
Residence Hall: $2,520
Meal Plan: $1,850
General Fees: $600
Textbooks: $500
* Most students receive scholarships and financial assistance. For more information go to: Finances

SOCI119 Principles of Sociology
PLSC260 Introduction to American Law
PLSC326 American Political Institutions: Judiciary
PLSC335 Criminal Law
SOCI315 Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOCI345 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI235 Police Organization, Administration, & Community Dynamics

SOCI432 Research Methods II

Choose 12 credits from the following

SOCI408 Emergency Preparedness
SOCI425 Racial & Ethnic Relations
SOCI430 Gender Roles in Contemporary Society
SOCI474 Social Thought & Theory
SOCI480 Field Experience
SOCI497 Internship
PLSC350 State & Local Government
PLSC366 Terrorism & Political Theory
SOCI366 Drugs & Behavior
PSYC460 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior

COGNATES - 15 credits
BHSC230 Research Methods I
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology
BHSC225 Global Social Issues
RELT340 Religion & Ethics in Modern Society

Choose one of the following courses
PSYC450 Social Psychology
PSYC454 Theories of Personality

Many students require electives to reach the minimum of 124 credits for their undergraduate courses. the following courses are recommended as electives or to fill ACE requirements

ANTH200 Cultural Anthropology
COMM435 Crisis Communication
PSYC315 Organization & Human Resources
SOCI445 Emergency Planning
SOCI449 Disaster Response & Emergency Operations
SOCI460 Death & Grief in Contemporary Society
PSYC180 Dealing with Your Mind
CHEM100 Consumer Chemistry
FTES138 Cardio Development

Official requirements can be found here.
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HLED135 Wellbeing 360° (First Year)
HIST110 Worldviews, Cultures, & Gods
ENGL215 College Writing II

Choose one of the following (First Year):
ENGL115 College Writing I
ENGL117 College Writing I: Writing Across Cultures

Choose one of the following
BIOL100 Human Biology
BIOL110 Principles of Biology
CHEM100 Consumer Chemistry
PHYS110 Astronomy

Choose one of the following
ANTH200 Cultural Anthropology
BHSC225 Global Social Issues
ECON208 Principles of Economics
GBST101 Intro to Global Studies
PLSC104 American Government
PSYC101 Intro to Psychology
SOCI119 Principles of Sociology

Official requirements can be found here.