The University’s Graduate Scholarship program offers scholarships to eligible students in most entry-level graduate programs. The GRE and GMAT are not required for the MSCID program, and the scholarships they provide are not stackable with the MSCID 50% tuition discount. Please see the Graduate Student Scholarships page for details.



The list below contains some of the other scholarships our students are eligible to apply for and are stackable with our 50% discount on tuition. You may also check with different offices around campus to see what they have to offer.


Other Scholarship Resources

College Money Matters
Keep track of your scholarships and know important deadlines.

CIDP Letters of Recommendation
It is our priviledge to provide a letter of recommendation upon request for those who demonstrate a good work ethic, whether it is in class or for our office.


Campus Employment

There are many employment opportunities for students on- and off-campus. The Community & International Development Program offers some Graduate Assistant positions that empower students financially and academically while preparing them for future employment.