The general minimum requirements for awarding master’s degrees include the following:

  • A student must satisfactorily fulfill a schedule of studies approved by the student’s advisor and the graduate program coordinator or dean of the appropriate school.
  • The number of credits to be completed depends on the minimum requirements for the degree.
  • The student’s schedule of studies must include at least half of the required minimum credits in course work numbered 500 and above. Exceptions are made where a course of study makes provision for an adjustment.
  • The student must submit evidence of competence in conducting investigation in his/her field of study. A student may fulfill this requirement by one of the following:
    • A thesis
    • A research paper for publication and submission
    • A grant proposal application and submission
  • The student must complete and pass CIDS680 Field Practicum (Internship).


Graduation Requirements and Deadlines: Academic Records provides deadlines, instructions and forms that need to be completed for graduation. You will apply for graduation online. Contact or for any questions you may have concerning graduation requirements, application and commencement.



Additional Steps for the MSCID Degree:

Tentative Graduation: See Advisor for Graduation Plans and Course Completions by: ATC Deadline:
FALL April 15 June 15
SPRING October 15 November 15
SUMMER March 15 April 15
  1. Schedule appointment with your advisor to discuss graduation plans. Schedule HERE to meet with Dr. Joel.
  2. Advancement to Candidacy (ATC): Student must apply for ATC one semester prior to graduation. The form should be completed by the student, submitted to the CIDP office for approval by the advisor and department chair, and returned to the office of the dean or graduate program coordinator.
    • At the time a student files an application for advancement to degree candidacy, the student must have:
      • "Regular" student status
      • Applied for graduation
      • Completed all curriculum and English-language deficiencies that may have existed
      • Demonstrated foreign-language proficiency where required
    • A student who has completed 75% of his/her program is not allowed to register for further course work until the advancement to degree candidacy forms have been filed with the appropriate dean or graduate program coordinator.
  3. Transfer Credit Request: Make sure you discuss any transfer credit requests with your advisor during your meeting concerning your Advancement to Candidacy (ATC). For questions about transfer credit, advanced placement, credit by examination, processes or troubleshooting, please email For questions regarding academic petitions for transfer credit, students must consult with their academic dean's office.
  4. Meet all the requirements for CIDS680 Field Practicum. See the Course Instructions for requirements and deadlines.
  5. Meet all the requirements for CIDS697 Portfolio Project.
  6. Meet all the requirements for CIDS698 Research Project. Fill out Report of Completion of Project when project is completed. See the Course Instructions for requirements and deadlines.
  7. Use the ePetition for any petitions that are necessary.


Check out the Andrews Graduation page for information on lodging, livestreaming, regalia, photos, and more.



School of Graduate Studies forms
Academic Records forms


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