Advancement to Candidacy. Submit this form to the Office of Academic Records when you are halfway to completing your program.

Application for Graduation. Your journey with us is almost complete. Congratulations! Submit this electronic form to apply for graduation.

Change of Program Request Form. Obtain the appropriate signatures and return it to the Office of Graduate Enrollment for evaluation.

Course Change /Course Update Request. Request course changes and updates after your advancement to candidacy has been submitted.

Defense Evaluation. Used by evaluators of doctoral defenses.

Graduate Petition. Request an exception to the requirements listed in the bulletin.

Master's Program Course Update. Request an update of outdated coursework.

Report of Completion of Project. Submit this official documentation of project completion to the Office of Academic Records.

Report of Comprehensive Examination Result. Used by the evaluators of comprehensive exams.

Transfer Credit Request. Request credit for courses taken at another institution.