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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Students desiring a career in chemistry should strongly consider the ACS approved program in chemistry.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (American Chemical Society Approved Program)

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Students desiring a career in biochemistry should strongly consider the ACS approved program in Biochemistry.  Other students desiring a career in biochemistry can strengthen the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry by adding more upper division CHEM courses, including the independent research course, CHEM 495. 

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (American Chemical Society Approved Program)

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology - Chemistry Emphasis
Biotechnology is an industry that is growing significantly faster than many others. This is especially exciting because many careers in this field require a Bachelor's degree alone. The biotechnology program at Andrews University is designed to transform students into scientists of the highest caliber and ethical standard that can contribute to this industry in a wide variety of capacities. Through interdisciplinary training in biochemistry, biology and chemistry, students will develop the practical scientific, communication and teamwork skills necessary for employment in biotechnology. They will develop their knowldege of the ethical issues that frequently arise in this discipline. 

Areas of study include foundational courses in general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry with genetics and genomics/proteomics techniques. Laboratory courses train students in instrumentation such as high-field NMR, HPLC, GC/MS, UV/Vis, ICP-OES and fluorescence spectroscopy along with many common bench chemistry and biochemistry techniques.

An internship or co-op experience is a requirement of this degree which will introduce students to the biotechnology workforce and help them to make connections that may assist in future employment.

Minor in Chemistry
CHEM131, 132, 231, 241, plus 8 credits of major's level chemistry or biochemistry.

Secondary Teacher Certification
Certification is coordinated through the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum of the School of Education.  Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry majors desiring secondary teacher certification in chemistry should consult with this department as early in their program as possible.

For a list of our courses, go to the bulletin: Chemistry or Biochemistry.

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