BA in French for K-12 Education

The BA in French for K-12 Education is designed for students seeking elementary or secondary teaching certification.  All majors are required to attend a full academic year, excluding summer sessions, at the Adventist University of France, Collonges, France.

Required ACA Courses: (21-24 credits)

FREN321    Advanced Composition 2 credits
FREN341    Advanced Grammar 4 credits
FREN351    Advanced Spoken Language 2 credits
FREN361    Text Analysis 1 credit
     Elective ACA Courses (from 300-level and above) 12-15 credits

Required AU Courses: (12 credits)

FREN401   Fundamentals of Translation (with lab) 3 credits
FREN402    French for Interpreters (with lab) 3 credits
FREN415    Advanced French Communication 3 credits
FREN420    Francophone Cultures: The New World & the 3rd World 3 credits
FREN430    Contemporary French Culture and Society: Study tour 3 credits
INLS458    Methods of Foreign Language Instruction: K-12 3 credits

Elective AU Courses:

FREN275    Intermediate French (with lab) 4 credits
FREN366    French Conversation (with lab) 3 credits
FREN367    French Composition (with lab) 3 credits
FREN429    French for International Travel and Tourism (with lab) 3 credits
FREN434    French for Medical Professions (with lab) 3 credits
FREN445    French Literature and Film 3 credits
FREN460    French for International Trade (with lab) 3 credits