BA in Spanish for Translation for Native Speakers

The BA in Spanish for Translation (Native Speakers) is designed for students who want to work as translators or interpreters in environments such as business, legal, medical, social services or for the government.  However, students completing the degree are well qualified to serve in any translating or interpreting field.  The program also complements majors such as Communications, English, French, History, Music, Nursing and Social Work.  It requires a minimum of 36 credits.  

Required Courses:

SPAN 171   Elementary Spanish I 3 credits
SPAN 172  Elementary Spanish II 3 credits
SPAN275  Intermediate Spanish (with lab) 4 credits
SPAN 280   Spanish Conversation and Composition 3 credits
SPAN405  Spanish Grammar Review 1 credit
SPAN416  Spanish for Native Speakers 3 credits
SPAN426  Contemporary Spain (Study Tour) 3 credits
SPAN436  Spanish-American Culture (Study Tour) 3 credits
SPAN438  Mexico and Central American Culture 3 credits
SPAN447  Spanish for Translation (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN449  Spanish for Interpreters (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN457  Spanish for Media Translation (with lab) 3 credits


FREN171 Elementary French I  3 credits
FREN172 Elementary French II 3 credits
PORT171 Elementary Portuguese I 3 credits
PORT172 Elementary Portuguese II 3 credits