BA in French Studies

The BA in French Studies is designed for students who want to know more about French civilization and who are interested in professions such as medicine, law, teaching, and journalism, as well as those wishing to pursue graduate studies in French.  The program also complements such majors as Communications, English, French, History, Music, Nursing, and Social Work.  It requires a minimum of 36 credits.  These include FREN 401 or 402, 420 or 430, and 445.  All majors are required to attend a full academic year at the Adventist Colleges Abroad program at the Centre Universitaire et Pédagogique du Saléve, Collonges, France.  This requirement may be waived for native speakers or candidates who have spent an extended period of time in a French speaking country. 

Required ACA Courses: (18 credits)

FREN321    Advanced Composition 2 credits
FREN341    Advanced Grammar 4 credits
FREN351    Advanced Listening, Comprehension and Speaking 2 credits
FREN361     Text Analysis 1 credits
     Elective ACA Courses (from 300-level and above) 9 credits

Required AU Courses: (18 credits)

FREN171   Elementary French I 3 credits
FREN172   Elementary French II 3 credits
FREN275   Intermediate French (with lab) 4 credits
FREN280   French Conversation & Composition 3 credits
FREN401   Fundamentals of Translation 3 credits
FREN402    French for Interpreters 3 credits
FREN415    Advanced French Communication 3 credits
FREN430   Contemporary French Culture and Society 3 credits

Elective AU Courses:

FREN429   French for International Travel and Tourism (with lab) 3 credits
FREN434   French for Medical Profesions (with lab) 3 credits
FREN445   French Literature and Film 3 credits
FREN460   French for International Trade 3 credits