Language Minors

Students can complete a minor in any of the foreign languages offered at the Department of International Languages Studies according to their preferences and their main fields of studies.  A minor in a foreign language is a great tool for students majoring in business, medical professions, education, social work, psychology, history, communication, public relations, religion, sciences, and music.  The minor requires a minimum of 24 credits, including 12 upper division credits (6 credits at AU) and a semester abroad in the ACA program.  Students who have spent time overseas as missionaries and are fluent in a foreign language do not need to participate in the ACA program.  Also, native speakers are waived from participate in the ACA program.


FREN171 Elementary French I 3 credits
FREN172 Elementary French II 3 credits
FREN275* Intermediate French 4 credits
FREN/ACA Upper Division 8 credits
FREN/AU Upper Division  6 credits


GRMN181 Elementary German I  3 credits
GRMN182 Elementary German II  3 credits
GRMN/ACA Intermediate/Advanced Levels 12 credits
GRMN/AU Upper Division 6 credits


PORT171 Elementary Portuguese I 3 credits
PORT172 Elementary Portuguese II 3 credits
PORT/ACA Intermediate/Advanced Levels 12 credits
PORT/AU Upper Division 6 credits


SPAN171 Elementary Spanish I 3 credits
SPAN172 Elementary Spanish II 3 credits
SPAN275* Intermediate Spanish  4 credits
APAN/ACA Intermediate/Advanced Levels 8 credits
SPAN/AU Upper Division 6 credits


Since minors do not have an academic advisor, it is recommended that any course to be taken should be discussed with a professor in the language of study to make sure the minor will be completed on time.
*These courses will not be taken at AU if students go to ACA after taking the elementary language sequence.  In that case, one additional upper division course is required upon returning from abroad.
**German minors should take all elementary and intermediate courses abroad.  Only two upper division German courses will be offered at AU.  More than one semester abroad may be needed to complete the required courses.