BA in Spanish Studies (Non Native Speakers)

The BA in Spanish Studies (Non Native Speakers) is designed for students who want to know more about Hispanic civilization and who are interested in professions such as medicine, law, teaching, and journalism, as well as those wishing to pursue graduate studies in Spanish.  The program also complements such majors as Communications, English, French, History, Music, Nursing, and Social Work.  It requires a minimum of 36 credits.  Majors are required to attend a full academic year at the Adventist Colleges Abroad program at Colegio Adventista de Sagunto, Spain or Universidad Adventista del Plata, Argentina. 

Required ACA Courses: (18 credits)

One Of:    
SPAN351, 352, 353 Advanced Spanish Grammar 3 credits
One Of:    
SPAN361, 362, 363 Advanced Spanish composition 2 credits
One Of:    
SPAN371, 372, 373 Advanced Spanish composition 2 credits
  Elective ACA Courses 11 credits

Required AU Courses: (16 credits)


SPAN275  Intermediate Spanish (with lab) 4 credits
SPAN366 Spanish Conversation (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN367 Spanish Composition (with lab)  3 credits
SPAN420 Advanced Spanish Written and Oral Communication 3 credits
SPAN426 Contemporary Spain (Study Tour) 3 credits
SPAN436 Spanish-American Culture (Study Tour) 3 credits

Elective AU Courses: (2 credits)

SPAN325 Spanish the Medical Professions (with lab)  3 credits
SPAN416 Spanish for Native Speakers 3 credits
SPAN434 Spanish Culture and Ethics 3 credits
SPAN438 Mexico and Central American Culture 3 credits
SPAN439 Caribbean Spanish 3 credits
SPAN446 Spanish and Latin American Drama 3 credits
SPAN447 Spanish for Translation (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN448 Spanish and Latin American Literature and Film (with Lab) 3 credits
SPAN449 Spanish for Interpreters (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN457 Spanish for Media Translation (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN470 Spanish for International Trade (with lab) 3 credits
SPAN488 Spanish for International Relations (with lab) 3 credits
INLS400 Topics in: Study Tour 3 credits