Why Physics at Andrews?

  • We're small. You won't get lost in the shuffle. You'll have ample opportunities to interact directly with all six PhD professors, each with an active research agenda. We offer full BS degrees in physics and in biophysics with all the benefits of a small, tutorial environment. We pride ourselves in our collaborative, mentoring atmosphere.
  • We're family. We develop the whole person. You'll have unique opportunities to develop your communication skills through presentations and networking. Academic forums and faculty home environments will help you develop your spiritual priorities and religious worldviews. And of course, you will make lifelong friendships in "226," the special study area set aside for our majors. After you graduate, you'll have a lifetime e-mail home with us, too.
  • We work hard together. We believe in students working side-by-side with teachers. Majors typically assist in teaching laboratories to supplement their income and experience. They also take advantage of the individual research they can do with our professors. What better way to prepare for the physics workplace? 
  • We reward excellence. Most majors qualify for departmental scholarships. These make great additions to your resume. Our students typically excel and we like to recognize that.