Bachelor of Arts 

Theology BA

The BA in Theology is a pre-professional degree which prepares students for the Theological Seminary and further training towards full-time gospel ministry. It lays a solid foundation in the areas of biblical languages, exegesis, and theology, practical theology and ministry, history of the Christian Church with an emphasis on the Seventh-day Adventist movement, and doctrine and systematic theology, including ethics. It requires the development of an individual portfolio of ministerial service.

The Theology BA fulfills all of the following prerequisites

Religion BA 

Usually done as a second major, this degree is designed to provide students with the tools they need to effectively integrate their Christian callign into their professional and personal lives. Additionally, the courses in this program can be structured to meet most, if not all, of the seminary prerequisities. 

Religion Secondary Education BA

The BA in Religion for Secondary Education includes all requirements in Religion for SDA church certification and is designed for those seeking to teach religion on the secondary level. In order to meet Michigan State Teacher Certification requirements, an additional major and minor must be earned. Students must obtain a second advisor in the School of Education and consult regularly with that advisor as well as their Religion advisor.

Religion BA (Distance Education)

This degree is offered as a self-paced online program. This program does not require any time on campus. Students are encouraged to come to campus for graduation.


Associate of Arts

Christian Discipleship AA (Distance Education)

This degree prepares students for personal outreach ministries, including Bible instruction, and offers an opportunity to study a broad spectrum of courses covering both Old and New Testament.



Biblical Languages Minor

Minoring in Biblical languages is hard yet inspiring work. Studying Greek and Hebrew is no walk in the park, but definitely provides a richer understanding of scripture and encourages a more realistic and inclusive experience in biblical scholarship.

Missions Minor

Do you like to travel abroad? Can you see yourself ministering overseas? Whether in the deserts of Africa or the jungles of Brazil, the minor in Missions will prepare you in your quest to spread the gospel. Both theoretical and practical approaches to mission work are taught with a global perspective. For this minor, you are required to take numerous classes to help you better absorb an international, cross-cultural experience. Some required courses are World Religions, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Anthropology, and International Nutrition.

Religion Minor

This minor is designed for students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Adventist Theology. Since your 12 credits of ACE/GE count towards the minor, you only have eight additional credits (2-3 classes)! 



Certificate in Ministry, Spanish

The Certificate in Ministry in Spanish provides biblical and theological foundations for practical Hispanic ministry through blended learning. The certificate requires academic study and service learning in a practical life setting, with a portfolio as evidence of completing all certificate outcomes.

Christian Discipleship Certificate

The Christian Discipleship Certificate prepares Christians to better connect with God, self, and others, through a deeper understanding of biblical foundations, applied to their vocational calling and specific ministries. The certificate requires academic study and service learning in an internship ministry experience, with a portfolio as evidence of completing all certificate outcomes.

Mission and Global Awareness Certificate

The Mission and Global Awareness Certificate prepares students for serving God and humanity in a cross-cultural context. The program provides theological foundations combined with sociological, anthropological and missiological understandings which equip the student for international service.