Among the great strengths of our department are the diverse educational, training, and employment opportunities available both during study programs and upon graduation. By plugging into one of our programs, you can reach your dreams and make a difference. The level of education that you will receive in the Religion/Theology program is unparalleled among Adventist institutions. Upon completion, you will be conversant with basic biblical knowledge, principles of biblical hermeneutics, biblical languages, Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, and individual spiritual gifts.

Theology Major with Pastoral Ministry Emphasis
The major in Theology with Pastoral Ministry emphasis equips you for ministry, through practical experience in the field and the study of Greek and Hebrew. The Theology degree meets the requirements for entrance into the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. 

Religion Major
The major in Religion offers you a lot of flexibility. Although it does not meet the entrance requirements for the Seminary, this major allows you to seek a more broad liberal arts education. Because the program is designed specifically for the pre-professional student, Religion majors often take on a second major or minor. Students have often combined their Religion degree with studies in English, Psychology, and Biology, among others. If you're planning on a career in education, you can add a Secondary Education Emphasis. Religion offers Christian perspective and insight in a myriad of differing fields. Many students find this to be beneficial as they go on into a secular work environment. Recent graduates have entered careers in medicine, law, architecture, film, and many other areas.

Religion Major with Secondary Education Emphasis
If you are looking to work with youth, you may want to pursue a career in secondary education. You can pursue a degree in Religion while supplementing it with courses provided by the School of Education. This is a wonderful option if you want to gain teacher certification and if your long-term goal is working in secondary school systems.

Minor in Religion
As a part of the Andrews University General Education requirements, students are required to take 12 semester credits of religion courses. By taking an additional 8 credits, you can minor in religion. Of the 20 semester credits required for a religion minor, 6 must be upper division, and 15 must be from RELB, RELT, and RELG courses. NOTE: A religion minor CANNOT be taken with a Religion or Theology Major.

Minor in Biblical Languages
Minoring in Biblical languages is hard yet inspiring work. Studying Greek and Hebrew is no walk in the park, but definitely provides a richer understanding of scripture and encourages a more realistic and inclusive experience in biblical scholarship.

Minor in Missions
Do you like to travel abroad? Can you see yourself ministering overseas? Whether in the deserts of Africa or the jungles of Brazil, the minor in Missions will prepare you in your quest to spread the gospel. Both theoretical and practical approaches to mission work are taught with a global perspective. For this minor you are required to take numerous classes to help you better absorb an international, cross-cultural experience. Some required courses are World Religions, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Anthropology, and International Nutrition.