A Career? Yes. A Calling? Absolutely!

How would you like to work in people’s lives, making a positive difference in your community, church, and world? Do you see yourself in a life of service and personal ministry? Do you have a passion for spreading God’s word and winning souls to his kingdom? Are you committed to developing close-knit communities built around solid Christian principles? Perhaps you want to become a minister, a teacher, or work with youth. Perhaps you want to travel and work in missions, or maybe you are interested in studying biblical languages. 

The Department of Religion & Biblical Languages at Andrews University makes these and many other options a possible reality for you. Your ambitions will be connected with real experiences. Whether you want to become a pastor, teacher, or world traveler, we will give you the practical training and skills you’ll need. Designed specifically for students who wish for theological quality and highly practical preparation for a life of pastoral, evangelistic or teaching service, the religion programs are committed to excellence, integrity, and the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The department seeks to enable students to contribute to the development of family, community, and church through training in both the theoretical knowledge and the practical application of a sound, Bible-based Christianity. As such, the programs provided by the department are not limited to those seeking a career in the ministry. The religion degree provides solid Christian support for pre-professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, law, and many others. A degree in religion will prepare you to be a better lay person, whatever your field of study or long-term goals may be.