Why Study at Andrews?

In order to effectively bring people closer to an understanding of Christ; it is necessary to have a firm foundation in your religious educational experience. Why does Andrews have an edge? We enjoy a uniquely close relationship with the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. We have an impressive faculty with a wide range of practical life and ministry experiences. Providing you with an array of on-campus resources, we are the premier place to study Religion and Theology within the Adventist system. Andrews University is home to the Center for Youth Evangelism, the Missions Institute, the Horn Archaeological Museum, the Summer Field School, and the most comprehensive theological library within the denomination. With these resources, our curriculum teaches you in-depth how to interpret Scripture, preach and teach, and be able to step into a pastoral setting with rational and solid skills, while also preparing you for the rigors of graduate study. The Andrews University Religion Department is a Christ-centered, team-based, student-focused community that develops excellent individuals who meet the challenges of church and society.

You may still ask yourself what Religion majors do. Simply, we serve. We work in our community. We deal with conflict. We travel. We share ideas and perspectives. We study God’s word. We connect with people. And in doing all these things, bit by bit, prayer by prayer, we change the world.