There is a vast difference between just taking pictures for fun and deciding to become a professional photographer. Everywhere you turn, the images you see have been crafted by professional photographers working with advertising agencies and graphic design firms. Understanding that professional photographers make the images that define how we see and influence the world is both exciting and humbling.

Photography is experiencing a renaissance unlike any other during its nearly 175-year history, and now is a great time to decide to become one of the image makers of the 21st century.

What Will I Study?

The photography curriculum is broad enough to expand your horizons, yet allows for each student to gain a strong voice which can be expressed through their work. Topics ranging from foundational technical classes to art history and design courses help the photography student deepen your skill set as you progress through the program. During the last year, you will work on a Senior Project, portfolio and website marketing materials to make sure you are ready for the competitive marketplace.

What About Careers?

Photography is the most democratic of all art forms. Because of this, it is used in innumerable ways, many of which can be turned into a career as a professional photographer. The biggest areas in which to make a living are commercial photography and the portrait/wedding industry. Many of our graduates have worked in editorial, medical, architectural and fashion positions as well.

Degree Options


Photography BFA

The photography major is recommended for those wishing to pursue a career in the photographic field. The degree encompasses elements of traditional image making coupled with contemporary digital workflow methods while also focusing on developing a compelling personal vision.

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Photography BS

The Bachelor of Science in Photography addresses the job placement outlook of the photographic field focusing on the commercial industry and those with entrepreneurial goals. The BS is more interdisciplinary than the BFA in Photography as the BS requires courses in business and communication.

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Photography AS

The Associate of Science in Photography degree offers students the opportunity to gain marketable skills for entry-level employment in the photographic industry. The AS in Photography answers the need for a professional degree where a broad photographic skill set can be learned in a short period of time, addressing time and/or financial constraints, while still preparing the student for a viable place in the photographic industry.

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Photography Minor

Recommended for students interested who want to supplement their skills in technology, communication, the humanities and the design areas.

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Student Work