prōdә'nōpēә by Ryan Cummins

Protanopia is congenital color vision deficiency. (aka colorblindness)

My windows to the world do their best to deceive me. I am not able to rely on the signals from my eyes to my brain. To be a professional photographer, I have trained myself to see with my brain rather than with my eyes. I created these images by capturing each subject with three separate exposures using colored filters of red, green, and blue. This method grabs the subject in the three colors that when combined can make up the millions of colors we see. I utilized children as my subjects. Their energetic carefree chaos allows for the quick motion needed to have subtle separation and to keep up with the high-speed rate of capture. Effectively, parts of these images are true and parts of them are false. Where nothing aligns colors are pure. Where there is overlap colors combine to become a new color. Some of these colors are accurate to the scene. Some of the colors you see were never even there. By simply minimizing or removing a color, I can create a deficiency much like what I experience in my world every day.

—Smith Hall Gallery, April–May 2021