Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Luana Greulich

Chair, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Department
Associate Professor, Special Ed Program Coordinator
Faculty & Staff

Janine Lim

Program Director
Online Higher Education Professor, Educational Technology; MA Learning Technologies
Faculty & Staff

Michelle Bacchiocchi

Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Director of Student Teaching
Faculty & Staff

Larry Burton

Professor of Teacher Education
Editor, Journal of Research on Christian Education
Faculty & Staff

Hannah Dahlberg

Administrative Assistant
Graphic Designer
Faculty & Staff

Charity Garcia

Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum and Instruction Program Coordinator
Faculty & Staff

Michael Gayle

Assistant Professor
Faculty & Staff

Lori Imasiku

Associate Professor for Teacher Education
Faculty & Staff

John Simon

Editorial Assistant
Journal of Research on Christian Education
Faculty & Staff

Jeannie Wolfer

Certification Registar