Gymnics Tryouts

Well, as it is with everythingelse this year so it is with Gymnics.  Things are changing.  This year the structure of the team will be different.  We cannot travel first semester, and acrofest is postponed until 2021. But the Gymnics team is going to take the changing times as a challenge to innovate our ministry.  Instead of tours we will produce content for our social media sites.  We will perform around campus as opportunity arises, and we will continue to grow the Gymnics family inside Beaty Gym.  The practice schedule will be Sundays from 7-9pm, Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30, and Gymnics open gyms on Tuesdays.  At this time we will not have open gym for the community.

Tryours will also be a little different this year.  We will have 45 minute tryout timeslots begining September 8th and ending September 10th. To sign up for a time fill out this form, and make sure to follow the link to choose a time to tryout.  A basic tryout time slot will consist of 10 minutes to warm up and get checked off for flexibility.  Next there will be 3 rotations of 10 minutes each that can be spent on the trampoline, tumbling equipment, specialty aparatus or gymnastics floor with a short break between rotations.  If there is a skill you would like to perform you will have access to the team leaders to perform a skill with you, or you can sign up with up to three other gymnasts to tryout at the same time as you. The final team will be choosen based on the skills displayed during tryouts, as well as the needs of the team, coachability, drive, and general attitude. A list of skills and their point values can be found here, but the points don't really matter just gives everyout something to aim for.  

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out some paperwork.  All tryouts will be on the third floor of Beaty gym.  Please bring a water bottle as there are no drinking fountains in the gym, and please wear a mask for all of the tryout unless spefically given permission to remove it for a skill.

Go here to sign up for your tryout time.

Gymnics Mission

The Andrews University Gymnics are a traveling acrosport gymnastics team that uses tumbling, handstands, teeterboard, flying, aerial silk, lyra, minitramp, wall walking and more to share anti-drug and anti-bullying messages. We use the talents given to us to perform hour-long shows for academies, public school rallies, youth groups, NBA and college halftime shows, and other venues supporting healthy lifestyles. We endeavor to use gymnastics to change the world.

History of the Gymnics

The Gymnics have performed all around the nation and the world over the last 50 years.  Recent trips have taken us as far as Canada and California as well as numerous trips around southern Michigan and northern Indiana and Illinois, and the team has been known to travel as far as Europe and Russia.  We have performed halftime routines for the Oakland Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons and Indianapolis Pacers.  We also provide anti-drug and wellness rallies at middle schools and high schools, vespers and church services at academies, and clinics for aspiring gymnasts.

Featured Team Testimonial

"Being on Gymnics was the highlight of my college and post-college years.  I made so many fantastic memories and lifelong friends being on Gymnics and I am forever thankful for this program and Andrews University.  The team is truly a family and there is nothing comparable to having 35+ people who care about you and always have your back. Gymnics taught me so much about teamwork, leadership, planning, performing and the importance of God in every aspect of your life...Once a Gymnic, always a Gymnic."

Vivian Perez, 2009–2014, Coached by Christian Lighthall and Eric Paddock

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