Homeshow is April 4th and 5th, 2020

Homeshow is the culmination of the Gymnic year.  Our year’s work is finalized as we take over the Johnson gym to create each year's custom stage, and perform for the Andrews University campus, local schools, family, friends, and the Berrien community.   Homeshow is also a time for our Infinite and Partnership programs to take the stage with us. 
Each year we choose a theme to communicate spiritual topics through movement.  Last year's Homeshow theme took us on an Illuminate, as the team called the audience to find their way to spread the word of God, and light the world.

Tickets for the Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon shows are sold for two weeks leading up to Homeshow.

Each year the Friday of Homeshow week is focused on performing for local schools.  If you'd like to bring your school to Homeshow please email