Graduate Program

Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

The Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MSMLS) degree, offered through the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, is a professional degree offered online and face-to-face, designed to meet the needs of the working laboratory medicine professional. The MSMLS allows the student to focus on an area of personal interest by choosing a concentration to further develop technical knowledge and skills beyond that of the baccalaureate level. The MSMLS degree features a variety of program concentrations.

Program Length

  • A 38 credits (minimum) program that can be completed online or face-to-face at the Andrews University campus.
  • Part-time students can typically complete the program in three years (six semesters).
  • Full-time students can typically complete the program degree in two years (four semesters).

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the MSMLS program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply current knowledge of clinical and scientific developments in the practice of laboratory medicine.
  2. Direct laboratory operations to comply with all regulations from governmental agencies, professional boards, and certification/accreditation organizations.
  3. Implement principles of evidence-based practice for continuous improvement of health care services.
  4. Demonstrate the use of interpersonal skills when interacting with colleagues, patients, community, and other members of the health care team.
  5. Advance further knowledge in their area of expertise by conducting research, implementing conclusions, and sharing new discoveries.
  6. Serve as resource professional in their area of expertise.

Choose Your Concentration 

The MSMLS degree features concentrations in:

  • Education & Training
  • Global Development

Program Sequence

Once admitted to the MSMLS, students may enter the MSMLS program either in the fall semester or spring semester. Consult with your graduate MLS advisor to determine the best program sequence for your situation.

Capstone Project

The MSMLS program requires the completion of five (5) credits of Capstone work (MLSC 585 Applied Studies in Medical Laboratory Science) as determined by the emphasis chosen.

A Capstone Project is also a part of the  Applied Studies in Medical Laboratory Science  course.

  • Proposal
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Data Gathering
  • Written Report
  • Presentation

For this portion of the program, students may be required to work in collaboration with one of our nationwide affiliate clinical or research facilities located across the United States.

Note: Affiliates are added and/or deleted from year to year, therefore a particular clinical site cannot be guaranteed.

Become a Leader in Healthcare

With a master level degree, you will be equipped to become a leader in healthcareDepending on the area of specialization, graduates of the MSMLS Program are qualified for several leadership positions in the MLS field. 

Graduates of Our Master's Program Have Become...

  • Laboratory Managers or Supervisors
  • Educators
  • Laboratory Information Systems Directors
  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Researchers

Our goal is to prepare you for today’s global work environment, to help you develop the skills needed for excellence in healthcare, and to encourage a dedication to improving the human condition.

Apply Now


Prospective students with MLS professional certification must submit their applications by the dates listed below.

• Fall (August–December): July 15
• Spring (January–May): November 15
• Summer Session 1 (May–June): April 1
• Summer Session 2 (June–July): May 1
• Summer Session 3 (July–August): June 1

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