Annual Medical Laboratory Science Research Symposium

As part of the Clinical Year curriculum, students develop their scientific research skills. Clinical Year students, under the mentorship of MLS faculty, work on a research project and present their findings at the annual Medical Laboratory Science Research Symposium.


Antimicrobial Activities of Selected Arylidene Rhodanines. Researchers: Reham Alzanbaqi, Zelalem Bennett, Thomas Oladunjoye. Mentors: Melissa Poua, Desmond H. Murray (Chemistry & Biochemistry).

Characterization of Bacterial Flora on Mob Calf Feeders Before and After Cleaning. Researchers: Rahjin Johnson, Hyeri Ryu, Che-lei Trott. Mentor: Daniel F. M. González.

Human Red Cell Antigen Specificity of Phytohemagglutinins Extracted from Dioscorea cayennensis and Dioscorea rotundata. Researchers: Kristin Bagani, Nathan Grunder, Nhimba Mwinga. Mentor: Tasha Simpson.

Solubility of Selected Arylidene Rhodanines in Solvents Used for Biological Testing. Researchers: Rebecca Kneibel, Sunhye Moon, Daven Saragih. Mentors: Timothy Newkirk, Desmond H. Murray (Chemistry &  Biochemistry).

Comparison of Bacteria Isolated from Bovine Bedding and Common Etiological Agents of Mastitis. Researchers: Samantha Govender, Kevin Rivera Rodriguez, Adam Sutherland. Mentor: Tasha Simpson.

Characterization and Development of Normal Intestinal Flora in Calves. Researchers: Sydney Chilson, Smita Halder,  Anne-Marie Ndjanga. Mentor: Melissa Poua.

Antimicrobial Activity and Chemical Composition of Manuka and Locally Produced Honey: A Comparative Study. Researchers: Roshan Abbadasari, SungHyun Kim, Northern Williams III. Mentor: Timothy Newkirk.

Residual Calcium in Glassware:  Investigation of Interference with Spectrophotometry Assays. Researchers: Denissa Baidya, Victoria Delote. Mentor: Daniel F. M. González.

MLS Students Present at the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts & Letters (MASAL)

From the 2014-2015 MLS Clinical Year cohort, two undergraduate research projects were accepted for presentation at the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts & Letters (MASAL) Annual conference:

Reduction of Cellular Debris with Magnetically Charged Coffee Grounds for Identification of Mycobacterium Species with Acridine Orange Stain, researched by Tiffany Turner, Allison Ward, and Trevor Zimmerman, was one of the only two projects selected for oral presentation under the Microbiology section of MASAL. Trevor Zimmerman represented on behalf of his group and his oral presentation received excellent reviews by the attendees and co-chairs of the section.

Identification of biomarkers and analytical methods for early detection of preeclampsia: a meta-analysis of relevant studies, researched by Fairlyn Ditta, John Robertson, and Timothy Tampubolon, was selected for the Interdisciplinary Poster Session. John Robertson was present to answer questions and explain the importance of their study. Both undergraduate projects were conducted under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Daniel F. M. González.

In addition to the presentations by the undergraduate students, graduate student (MSMLS Program) Alya Almatrafi presented her research on Antimicrobial Activity of Thymoquinone as part of the Interdisciplinary Poster Session. Alya completed this research project under the mentorship of Associate Professor Karen A. Reiner, as part her requirements to complete the Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science.

Congratulations to Everyone for their Contributions to the Field of Laboratory Medicine.

For further information about these and other research projects by the MLS students, please contact the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences Research Coordinator, Daniel F. M. González at or