What is the TEAS?

Every student seeking admission to the Andrews University School of Nursing BSN Pre-Licensure program is required to take this exam. If you have taken this exam within the past five years and have obtained a proficiency score of at least 58.7, you are not required to take this test. Students may take this exam anytime in the year prior to their admission but must pass this test in order to be considered for admission to the Nursing program. Students may take the exam up to 4 times a year, but must allow at least 30 days between attempts. The name on your registration must match the name on the ID presented at the exam.



To register and take the ATI TEAS exam go to https://www.atitesting.com/teas/register and select the option most convenient for you. If you would like remote proctoring by ATI, choose the option for "TEAS Online Proctored by ATI." This provides students wit the option to register for an online exam with remote proctoring service from ATI. Andrews University no longer proctors the TEAS test remotely, for remote proctoring choose the opting "ATI remote Proctor-Nursing."


School of Nursing and Teas Test