John Carlos Jr.

John Carlos Jr.

John Carlos Jr.

Title: Professor Emeritus
Office Location: Physical Therapy Building 128
Phone: (269) 471-6061


Professor Emeritus (2013)
BS (Physical Therapy), Loma Linda University
MSPT, Boston University
PhD, Florida State University


Dr John Carlos Jr. became Professor Emeritus of Physical Therapy at Andrews University in July, 2013. Dr. Carlos began teaching at Andrews University in 1995, first at the Andrews University Dayton MPT program and later in the DPT program on the Berrien Springs, MI campus. Prior to joining Andrews, John taught in the Physical Therapist programs at Boston University and the University of Florida.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, he graduated from Loma Linda University, California, with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy degree in 1968 and received his PhD in Exercise Science from Florida State University in 1991. The title of his dissertation is "The Effect of Short-term and Long-term Application of Cold on Muscle Strength".

His research interest is primarily in physical therapy education, physical agents, and movement science. He has authored a book chapter on physical agents.

John teaches in the anatomy and therapeutic exercise courses and is the Capstone Research Coordinator in the Postprofessional Degree program. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, the Michigan PT Association, the Orthopedics Section and the Education Section of the APTA.


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