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Transforming your health by integrating
science and the love of God.

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Are you considering a career in Occupational Therapy? We have great news! You can complete the prerequisites for our future and other OT programs nationwide here at Andrews University.

Our program is designed to allow students to save a year of tuition and time by taking an accelerated route to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in only six years - do you want more for less?

The program is designed to provide licensed physical therapists with academic courses as they work towards becoming Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapists through our partnership with ASPIRE OMT.


At AUPT Clinic, we serve your needs throughout all stages of life, whether you are curious, have a specific condition, or anything else. You are not alone - we are here to change the world together.

How does 50% off DPT tuition sound? 

Scholarships based on GPA are available for DPT students. 

Why our programs?

"...committed to instilling strong moral and ethical principles...dedicated to excellence through rigorous academics and high standards.. and most importantly, the faculty  focus on reflecting God’s character through holistic patient care with compassion for all."

- Samuel Duany, DPT 2023

Doctor of Science in
Physical Therapy or
Occupational Therapy

Here's some math that you would love! We are offering you a deal of a lifetime to advance your career in the right direction - Tuition at $735 per credit which is 50% off the regular graduate tuition rates! What are you waiting for!

Much of what happens in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences would not be possible without the continued support of those who believe strongly in the school's mission and those that give back.

Meet the team that makes it all happen! People with diverse backgrounds and tons of industry and academia experience have come together to serve you!

Our aim is to provide the best technical and information support to our students and faculty of the School of Rehabilitation Services.