School of Population Health, Nutrition & Wellness

Let Us Connect You with a Variety of Challenging Career Options and Interesting Vocational Choices:

We offer higher education in the following areas:

  • Public Health

  • Dietetics

  • Nutrition Science

  • Exercise Science

  • Fitness and Wellness

Consider these points...

  • With research revealing the impact that diet and physical activity have on health, the above-mentioned areas of study are emerging as increasingly sought after degrees.

  • They are rapidly growing professions that offer a wide range of opportunities and salaries.

  • With an ever-increasing emphasis on preventive medicine and a nationwide interest in a vegetarian diet and an active and healthy lifestyle, the job outlook for health science professionals is great.

  • The demand is even greater for graduates with training in vegetarian lifestyle principles and professional health and fitness certifications.

Today, people are interested in health, nutrition and fitness because they want to feel and look good...

We Designed Our Programs to Provide YOU with Exceptional Instruction and Preparation to Work in Public Health, Wellness or Nutrition.

Our Masters of Public Health (MPH) is a multidisciplinary degree focusing on public health practice that offers you an abundance of career opportunities. This degree is ideal for those of you who wish to gain satisfaction from working to improve the lives of others. Our graduate degree gives public health professionals a competitive edge over other professionals and offers the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge of factors that influence, local, national and global health policies.

  • Apply quantitative and qualitative skills needed for problem solving.

  • Develop strategies to solve health-related problems

  • Be positioned for a role in leadership in health promotion and disease prevention

Want to find the right degree for yourself right now? Ask yourself the following questions...


Are you passionate about helping people to get fit, manage weight and help fight chronic diseases through exercise prescription and positive lifestyle change?

Then choose to study B.S. in Exercise Science now!  With a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, you can become a professional health scientist who helps people achieve their personal health-related goals. This degree is exciting because the field is constantly evolving and changing.


Do you want work closely with people, solving nutrition-related health problems and saving lives?

Then choose a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics!  This degree prepares you for work in areas of clinical nutrition, food service management and community nutrition and public health.


Do you aspire to make a career for yourself in medicine or dentistry?

Choose a B.S. in Nutrition Science!  We will give you the expertise you need in an area of increasing importance to patients everywhere.


Are you looking to go into the Physical Therapy field?

Choose the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) This degree covers the required coursework for admission into Physical Therapy (PT) programs. It is a wellness degree that encompasses a variety of areas in the health field. Students can place an emphasis in either nutrition or fitness. 


Whatever you choose, you will...

Learn from Highly Respected, Qualified and Widely Published Faculty who are Dedicated to Your success

Beyond books, you will connect with students and faculty rich in ethnic diversity, giving you a cultural experience invaluable to today's increasingly international society.

All this is housed within...

A Warm, Christian Atmosphere that Fosters Excellence in all Students

Connect with us and we'll help you become the knowledgeable, resourceful health science professional you want to be!